Karl Stefanovic goes wild on Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev


Sunrise host Karl Stefanovic has lashed out at Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev after calling the Australian Open tennis crowd ‘low IQ’

Stefanovic isn’t exactly known for holding back in Ubers or on air. So this morning he made it very clear that he had a problem with Medvedev.

According to news.com.au, Stefanovic said: “Daniil Medvedev, my accountant has a better personality.

“Daniil Medvedev, he makes Ivan Lendl look like Beyonce. Daniel Medvedev, Terminator 4 had more facial expressions.

Stefanovic also added: “Insulting the fans like that – they weren’t really booing him. He misunderstood what was going on.”

Stefanovic responds to Medvedev’s comments after beating Nick Kyrgios in the fourth round. The crowd was particularly enthusiastic that night and there was a lot of cheering and booing.

Let’s face it, the crowd were clearly supporting Kyrgios and Medvedev managed to keep his cool.

After, Medvedev told Eurosport, “It’s just a little disappointing when they make so much noise between first and second serves. I guess some people just have a low IQ.

Naturally, Twitter erupted on it.

And while Twitter seemed to be on the side of the Russian tennis player. Obviously, Stefanovic disagreed.

Of course, Stefanovic takes his Aussie tennis very seriously, which makes sense as the Australian Open is Nine’s pride and joy.

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