Billionaire announces divorce from tennis star wife


A tennis star is about to divorce her billionaire husband. Business tycoon Toni Iuruc told Romanian reporters that he and Simona Halep agreed to divorce less than a year after getting married, according to news comes after Halep was upset in the first round of this year’s US Open. Iuruc was reportedly married twice before he started dating Halep in 2018.

“We decided with Simona to break up,” Iuruc said. “Stop insisting, this is my last public appearance… The rest will be handled by the lawyers in the most civilized manner possible. Thank you for your understanding.” Halep has been one of the best tennis players in the world as she won the French Open in 2018 and Wimbledon in 2019. And at the end of 2017 and 2018, Halep was the No. 1 player in the world. But since winning Wimbledon, Halep hasn’t reached a Grand Slam final.

In 2019, Halep opened up about her love for Iuruc and how it made things difficult for her tennis career. “Now I’m more relaxed and open. I have someone who is dear to me,” Halep said in an interview with TVR1, speak New York Post. “We have a normal relationship, I feel very good. But I would like to keep it personal. I belong to Romania when it comes to tennis.” Love and tennis can coincide, but I think personal life is the most important. I’m dating someone and I could never sacrifice my family for tennis.”

Halep recently announced that she is ending her 2022 season to undergo nose surgery. “When I lost at the US Open, I realized that I was completely mentally exhausted,” Halep said in a social media post. “Having ruptured problems for many years which were already getting worse at the time, I decided to take the advice of my doctors and do the necessary surgery. … I don’t know how long it will take recovery, at the moment I’m only thinking about recovery. What is certain is that this year I will no longer be able to participate in any official tournament. My 2022 season is over. 2022, you have been a year interesting full of everything! on the 2023 court!”

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